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Happily Ever After – Inside Out

A few months ago, I had the fortune to join the #happilyeverafter program delivered by @Aaliyah Yco at CSS. We were a total of 15 women, who came together to receive mentorship on Goal setting, self-care, and tools to deal with day-to-day challenges. Initially, I thought it was another program of women-empowerment, but I sooner fell for the group dynamics and relevance of the topic selections. Now, after the program has ended, we all agreed on one thing – challenges are always going to be there, we do not need to worry on how to prevent them. Instead, we should be working on ourselves- so, when the time comes, we are enough in confidence, power and strength to grow, learn and keep moving forward. 

I feel blessed of having been part of this amazing group; having develop this level of confidence and love inside me and between us; having developed bonds that go beyond the classroom and now, seeing them all as my family, my sisters, my friends. 

We all did the inside work; we recognised our value, our strength, our power. However, I do not want to miss this opportunity to highlight how Mona Mahamed, CEO of CSS, left us all speechless when she showed up to the program closure with a very significant and meaningful gift on behalf of CSS Sponsors. She gave us all a bag of make-up, not because we need it, as we are so beautiful naturally, but as a representation that inside and outside cannot be isolated. Now we understand that having started the work within us, it is time to focus on the outside and continue aiming for the best achievements in our lives. 

Thank you so much @Aaliyah Yco, Mona Mahamed, CSS, Good 360 & L`oreal.

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