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CSS Village

CSS proudly works to make a big difference in the life of those in need. Our initiatives aim to brighten the days of marginalised families and vulnerable individuals in Bankstown and Canterbury Area.ย  However, we can only do as much as our resources last!

Your donation has a greater impact than you think; Many lives are saved, many families are supported, and an optimistic, bright future is put in place. We are currently serving 2500 meals to vulnerable members per month, including marginalised families, people with disabilities, domestic violence victims, international students, and refugees. We expect numbers to grow and the scope of our social impact to expand over time, but none of this would be possible without your generous contribution.

Please support our cause with any donations, as this is the only way, for us -Together, to change lives! All donations above $2 dollars are tax deductive and we can endorse you a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).

Ways to Donate