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2020 Performance

We have reached that annual season where everything seems brighter and colourful. The beginning of the holidays and the remaining days of 2020 seems like a perfect opportunity to reflect on the work done and be grateful for all our achievements. There could not be better timing for us to get together and celebrate CSS. 

Every single action, effort and contribution have placed us where we are standing today. we won the Volunteer team of the year award; we were nominated for the outstanding project promoting social cohesion and community harmony award; we received FEED-more 5000 Grant from 7-Eleven and SecondBite; we rescued and distributed around 115568 kg, distributing on average 25,000 meals to vulnerable members of our community; We partnered with PCYC and we have given baby steps on the mobile village pantry and second-hand shop initiatives.

Many more milestone moments could be raised when evaluating 2020 performance, but the most important is that we are reviving the village. We are getting stronger on our cause, values and initiatives. None of these could have been possible without the amazing contribution and effort of our volunteers, those that make our activities and dreams possible. You have all been an incredible team this year and we can not wait to see what 2021 would bring us if you keep actively contributing to the soul, heart and body of our beloved Community Support Services.

God Bless you all on the international volunteer day and may this post encourage others out there to start gathering the intangible regards and blessings that comes with giving back to the community.

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