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Rodney Chalton

There are not enough words to describe the incredible work done by Rodney Chalton in our Community. He is, without doubt, the most unconditional volunteer at CSS. Thank you, Rodney, for teaching us that everything is possible when there is a will! God bless you

Rodney has been supporting our cause for at least one year now, and he has always provided us unconditional support. He is the sort of person who is always ready to help, no matter what is required and when it is required. He goes from driving to picking and unloading trucks, packing hampers, delivering arranged food and even, he makes time to make appearances in some of our marketing videos. He’s always on board!

We are more than thankful for having him at CSS; His determination and commitment towards our cause are unstoppable!


Rodney is one of our kind-hearted souls at Community Support Services. He works countless hours to ensure the well-being of many members in the Bankstown and Canterbury area.