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I read the other day about “Magic people’. They are the ones that arrive into our lives to teach us about everything and anything. A magic person earns our trust and respect without much effort and time. Only a few seconds, and they have already become unconditional to your life. They always surprise others for being the best companions in both the good and hard times.

I will be wrong if I don’t call Rita, CSS’ Volunteer, a magic person. She joined our cause a few weeks ago when everyone was isolating. Since then, she has been unstoppable. She is now a crucial member of our team, and, believe it or not, she is creative and patient enough to teach us all how to use the ingredients from the pantry in healthy meals and recruit new sponsors and volunteers on the spot.

Thank you, Rita, for bringing such incredible energy to the team and for being you!


Rita is a former cook who has joined CSS to support all active initiatives. She has outstanding management skills, but by far- her passion is at educating the Village Pantry's members on how to be creative and utilize the fresh produce in healthy and delicious meals.