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Lucia Desausa

Lucia is one of those volunteers who joined us a few months ago, and now is an integral part of the team. Lucia came into our lives one fine afternoon about four months ago, to lend a hand as she firmly believes in giving back to society, and found her ideals aligning with CSS’s values. Her passion for serving the community shone through especially during the latest outbreak of the pandemic when she took a leadership role in recruiting her friends and family to contribute to our cause. It has been an honour to work with such a hardworking trustworthy and efficient Soul.

Her people list skills and her abilities to sort, pick and pack CSS’s food hampers with the greatest level of care and love are unmatchable.  Thank you so much Lucia for the incredible work you do! God bless you.


CSS is not the building we operate out of or the banner that we rally under; CSS is made up of the hearts and souls of our lovely volunteers. let's take this space to acknowledge the work of such a wonderful woman in our community, Lucia Desausa 😘