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CSS Village Chef

Ibrahim Kocic

Ibrahim, most commonly known as ‘the Master chef’, is a kind gentleman at Bankstown. He is a former chef, who spoils everyone in our centre with delightful cakes and savoury snacks. Whenever we have a bbq, guess who is on the grill? His humour and team-building values are one to none; he is such a great human who we all have had the pleasure to meet and call a friend for the past 18 months. Among the numerous things he does to keep us all happy and smiley, he supports our operations by picking and delivering rescued food from our sponsors to our centre and from there to the most vulnerable members.

You, Ibrahim, have helped us to bring joy to those in need. You have made it possible for CSS to share the blessings today and always – Thank you!


Well - Let's talk today about a gentleman, Ibrahim Kocic.
Thank you for your unconditional support and for always being there with a king smile for us all! Big hugs ☺