We provide education support for the marginalized community, training them to aid self-sufficiency, helping people return to the workforce.


We organize events and workshops that focus on community capacity building and providing support for vulnerable Australian families.


We run workshops and training in the heart of Bankstown CBD, tailored towards helping women established themselves.

Our Work

We are a Social Enterprise who takes a holistic approach to
empower vulnerable marginalised families with the right tools to thrive
.. not merely to survive!

Village Pantry

The Village Pantry will be operating from Bankstown PCYC from 10.30am - 12.30pm. Please call 0422 613383 to book an appointment for a hamper. With a dedicated team of volunteers CSS has been creating hampers and distributing them even during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • 250 Families
  • 120 International Students
  • 900 Mouths
  • 4.5 Tons of food
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About US

We are a nonprofit social enterprise who takes a holistic approach to
empower vulnerable marginalized families with the right tools to 'thrive' and not merely survive.
We cultivate social cohesion within our diverse multicultural Australian society.

We provide engaging programs and a platform for social cohesion, particularly for those from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Nationalities. Here is a sneak peek to all our initiatives.

What People Say

We do things differently, our efforts are community powered.
We are focused on helping and we have supporters who love us for what we do.

I spent the last 3 consecutive days at Community Support Services Incorporated and was blown away by the warmth, comforting and welcoming atmosphere. This place is a gem for the community! The amount of love that has gone into setting it up can be felt as you walk thru the doors ❤.

Reem Khan Rana Owner, Dreem Fitness

Perfect venue that has many valuable programs running and great venue to hire/lease to expand in other programs and professional sessions.
Mona and her team are doing great things to build and strengthen the community. ❤️

Pamela Torney Qualified counsellor specializing in Emotion Release Therapies

It was a great event telling us how to protect our kids from cyberbullying,violent games and strangers chatting.Parents should attend such events regularly to improve parenting skills and understand what their kids are exposed to in front of screen.Mona and volunteers did a great job may allah reward them .

Hanan Helmy Biology teacher at Education Gate International School

I would to give a big Thank You to Mona and Mira for helping my son get into University. Jazakallah kheir for all your help and Support. The workshop was an eye opener in different Pathways available for our kids to pursue their dream. Again Thank you for your help and continued support .

Soso Sarta Community Member

Our Vision And Mission

This organization was founded on the belief that all women deserve
the right to live as the best version of themselves, whether through family life, family cohesion, or education.
CSS recognizes that living with limited resources in an underprivileged community, makes it challenging to live, let alone thrive.

Our Motto

Our motto is empowering families.

Our Mission

Our mission is to initiate and promote services for vulnerable families in communities. We provide them the tools and ability, to participate in and actively contribute to their personal and greater community life in a productive manner.

Our Vision

We see a future community that is cohesively multicultural.
We strive towards uplifting and giving hope through tangible projects and services for the marginalised community.

Our Sponsors

Over the years we have had lots of help and love and support from many of our well-wishers
and we are proud to be associated with our sponsors and supporters.

We, at CSS, greatly appreciate the generosity of BannerBuzz. They are a specialised company on all marketing and advertising solutions. They have been kind and generous enough to donate our new Village Pantry Banner, and we can not stress enough about the importance of their support, and how invaluable it is for Village Pantry to function

Get Involved

Generous people ask us all the time: How can I help?
There are many ways you can get involved in our work and do your part for the community.

Did you know that we are endorsed as Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)?
Any donation (above $2) made to us, is fully tax deductible.


Our volunteers are amazing people who give their time to support our programs, events, workshops and office. Many of our generous volunteers have been with us since the beginning of our journey and we value the support of every single one of them.

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Feeling generous? Help us - Invest in your Community.
Did you know that we are endorsed as Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)? Any donation (above $2) made to us, is fully tax deductible.

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